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About Troost Designs

As you can see on this website, I build a variety of things from furniture to kitchens. Although the majority of what I do is of my own design, it's not unusual to be asked to make something that has been drawn by someone else. Whenever the chance arises, however, it's preferable to be involved in the composition of anything that I will build. Finding an aesthetic solution with proper function is a gratifying complement to the build process. I enjoy collaborating with clients who typically get a variety of designs with a range of options as solutions to their needs.

I like the challenge of precision, and playing with wood and nice tools is very satisfying . Being the independent type, the solitude of the shop, which is at our home in semi-rural Snohomish County, allows me to focus on designs, and the only distractions are of my own making. The commute is easy, and the dogs don't have to worry about being home alone all day.

There are a lot of excellent craftspeople out there, and I am often inspired by their work, no matter their medium. A beautiful quilt can be appreciated as much as a fine pen-and-ink drawing. There are several styles that I like to work with, from the stacking of geometric shapes for a contemporary piece to the more traditional forms of Mission or Craftsman. I like the flow and symmetry of Asian works and tend to include some of that character in my designs. Blending harmonious proportions, balance, and utlity with subtle contrasting details is usually my goal. When possible, the use of exposed joinery can add interest and demonstrate strength.

- Roger Troost